Podcast: Robert Stone Interview

Robert Stone interview: On why environmentalists need to look again at nuclear power.

Robert Stone has been antinuclear for most of his life, and considers himself a lifelong environmentalist. He looked again at nuclear because he recognised that the environmental movement’s response to climate change has failed. Everything is trending in the wrong direction.

So we need to start looking at new solutions, and according to the world’s climate scientists, we need to do it quickly. Nuclear is one important technology that could scale quickly enough to cut carbon emissions. But nuclear is the one technology, ironically and tragically, that the environment movement is united against.
Robert’s film, Pandora’s Promise, tells the story of a growing number of environmentalists who have looked again at nuclear in light of climate change. Now he has co-founded Energy for Humanity: a new voice for the pro-nuclear environmental movement.

Interview by KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

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