Nuclear Fact Sheet

EFH Nuclear Fact Sheet

We must not underestimate the challenge of meeting an acceptable emissions target. The challenge is likely impossible to meet without deploying all available mitigation options. The only carbon-free energy technology that is mature, demonstrably cost-effective and proven to be scalable at a globally relevant level is nuclear energy. Continuing to exclude and discriminate against nuclear technologies will likely render the imperative of a globally decarbonised energy system an impossible challenge.

The challenge of keeping climate within tolerable limits is a daunting one requiring decisive action.

The magnitude of the challenge is such that to deny any options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions would be foolish. We cannot afford to let the balance of carbon-free energy options be blinded by ideology, undermined by preconceptions, or based on a lack of knowledge of the costs and benefits,

This fact sheet, compiled by renowned Climate Scientist, Tom Wigley, presents the facts we need to have when considering the options for meeting our energy needs.

Our primary conclusion amounts to a plea for rationality and sanity in the choice of energy technology options for reducing the magnitude of future climatic change. The problem is sufficiently challenging that none of the available options to combat climate change can be ignored. It is vital that nuclear energy should be a part of the future energy portfolio.