Making Sense of Radiation

Making Sense of Radiation

Many people have become anxious about exposure to non-ionising forms of radiation, from mobiles, Wi-Fi and masts.

Our friends at Sense About Science produced this great guide to radiation and its health effects.

Together with scientists, engineers and medical professionals this guide identifies some of the tools and insights that they themselves rely on to help deliver a clearer picture of what radiation is, what it does and what it can’t do.

Download the guide here: MSofRadiation_2011.

Please note: Page 6 of the guide mentions that the Mobile Telecommunications and Health (MTHR) programme has conducted further research into the incidence of childhood cancers near mobile phone masts. The results, published in the British Medical Journal, found that mobile phone base stations do not increase the risk of childhood cancer, even if a child’s mother lived close to a mast when pregnant. That’s the message from the largest study looking at the health effects of mobile phone base stations in the UK.