Making sense of nuclear

“Climate change is an energy problem, so let’s talk honestly about nuclear.”

Writing in the Guardian to highlight a new report by Sense about Science,  argues that while fear of nuclear energy runs deep, it may be the most efficient and clean energy source we have, albeit with complications.

In light of climate change, many people that were previously opposed to nuclear energy are reconsidering their position in light of climate change. It’s not an easy process.

“As committed environmentalists, our conversion to the cause of nuclear power was painful and disorienting. All of us carried a cost in changing our position, antagonising friends and alienating colleagues. But we believe that shutting down — or failing to replace — our primary source of low carbon energy during a climate emergency is a refined form of madness.” 
George Monbiot, Mark Lynas, and Chris Goodall

This new guide, produced by Sense About Science, and co-authored by a range of experts,  is designed to help guide informed decision-making around some of the big questions and concerns about nuclear energy.

Kirsty Gogan, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Energy for Humanity, and one of the contributors to the report said: “Our response to climate change today will have far-reaching implications for our children. Our decisions must be based on the best available evidence. We need to go beyond wishful thinking and crunch the numbers properly if we are to succeed globally in making a rapid and meaningful transition from fossil fuels. Robust information and sound analysis are as important as following our hearts.  This report is vital reading for anyone exploring big questions about the role nuclear might play in helping us to forge a realistic path to a clean energy future.”

Download the new Sense About Science report Making Sense of Nuclear