Our Story

Energy For Humanity (EfH) is focused on two of the great environmental and humanitarian challenges we face in this century.

First, how to dramatically cut carbon emissions to avoid catastrophic climate change within our own lifetimes and that of our children, and secondly, lifting billions of people out of poverty to achieve the quality of life that many take for granted. Both of these challenges have one thing in common: the energy we use to power the world.

To meet these challenges, the world needs to dramatically  increase access to clean, reliable, affordable electricity. Reducing demand is not enough. Increasing renewables is not enough. The challenges of meeting the world’s demand for energy in a clean way is so great that we must include all clean energy options.

Our Values

  • We are global in scope
  • We are optimistic, pragmatic, & pro-technology
  • We are profoundly committed to improving quality of life for all people
  • We are independent: Not affiliated with any political party, industrial or corporate enterprise

Download our first Annual Report (2014/15) here: