UK Government publishes 10 point plan for climate

In its newly published 10 point plan for a ‘Green Industrial Revolution’ the UK government has committed the country to a nuclear-inclusive future.

Alongside welcome commitments on hydrogen, offshore wind and ending the sale of petrol and diesel cars, the plan includes up to £385m of investment in an advanced nuclear fund and a plan to spend another £170 on research and development.

However, the plan stopped short of directly committing the UK to the building of Sizewell C – the ‘oven ready’ power plant planned by EDF – and also fell short of the £2bn figure for modular reactors being trailed earlier this month.

We’re now just waiting for the much delayed Energy White Paper – the more detailed policy document that spells out the fine print – to be published so that real interrogation of the path ahead can begin to take place.

Read the 10 point plan here