Board Statement – Energy for Humanity Suspends Operations

Almost 7 years ago we started Energy for Humanity with the aim of continuing the momentum begun with the release of the award-winning documentary “Pandora’s Promise”.  Under the dedicated leadership of Kirsty Gogan as our Executive Director, we have become an important voice in advocating the acceptance of nuclear energy as an important tool to fight climate change. 

We’ve crossed continents, challenged governments, debated sceptics, published groundbreaking research and helped to shift the international conversation on clean energy solutions. Throughout our operations we have always prioritised our independence of voice, garnering favourable press for nuclear energy in major news outlets around the world. 

Things today are very different from when we began and this has caused us to undertake a strategic review of both our accomplishments and our approach. We are proud of what we have achieved but feel the need to take our pro-nuclear advocacy in a new direction; one that appeals more directly to the passionate climate activism of today’s youth. Kirsty has decided to focus on her consultancy practice with Lucid Catalyst and her new NGO, Terra Praxis. We thank her for her extraordinary efforts and contributions through the last six years and wish her every success in her new endeavors.

It is with great pride in what we’ve accomplished coupled with a need to turn a page that we announce that Energy for Humanity will be suspending its operations at the end of March. 

To all our supporters and partners – thank you and we’ll see you VERY soon!  Our fight for a world of abundant clean energy  and an evidence based approach to climate solutions continues. STAY TUNED!. 


The Team at Energy for Humanity