Spark! Contest Kicks Off in Paris (1 March 2018)


What is the Spark! Contest?

A two-round writing contest inviting current and former students of higher education in the UK and France to present innovative and novel thinking to contemporary energy challenges.

The contest creates a fun & competitive environment that aims to foster a Franco-British community of clean energy professionals, bringing together industry leaders of today with those of tomorrow.


The aim of Spark! is to foster a Franco-British community of leaders in the energy sector.

Since its inaugural year in 2015, Spark! has brought together over 200 young, bright minds through an ever growing network of students, young professionals and industry figureheads.

Find out more about the Spark! Contest here.

Thanks to Nicholas Morris for inviting Energy for Humanity director Kirsty Gogan to contribute a keynote speech, and act as a mentor for the future leaders.