MIT Symposium on Realizing the Value of Nuclear Energy

Symposium on Realizing the Value of Nuclear Energy

March 26 & 27, 2018

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA

Conference statement: There is substantial evidence that a marked increase in nuclear energy — as many as 2-3,000 nuclear reactors, up from 450 today – will be needed to meet growing world energy needs and address environmental challenges. Yet this imperative is not understood or accepted, and is in some cases affirmatively rejected, by many decision-makers, as well as elements of civil society and media. This symposium brings together nuclear energy experts, government officials, public opinion and communication experts, and representatives of civil society, from around the world to refine the case for nuclear energy in the 21st century, and identify strategies for making that case effectively to relevant publics. All sessions in the symposium will be interactive, and the symposium will aim to produce concrete action plans to ensure success in this endeavor.

Auspices: CANES Chairman: Jacopo Buongiorno, Organizers: Michael Golay, Kirsty Gogan, Armond Cohen

Format: Nine sessions, each session with presenters and complementary papers, and discussion (Chatham House rule), Rapporteur’s report, Video of public portions of sessions

Products: video + electronic copy of Keynote and Complementary papers and Rapporteur’s report.

Note: All names shown in italics are of persons invited but not yet committed to participate

Please find the full agenda here.