In Pictures: COP23 Bonn, Germany, November 2017

Give Nuclear a #SeatAtTheTable

In November, we were freezing outside the Sustainable Innovation Forum at COP23 in Bonn, Germany with our friends from Bright New World & Generation Atomic & the Finnish Ecomodernist Society because the United Nations Environment Programme blocked the world’s second largest source of clean power from having a #SeatAtTheTable

You can read the full story here in this Forbes article.

The United Nations Environment Programme left nuclear out in the cold at #COP23 so we set up our own table outside (see Ben Heard, Iida Ruishalme and Eric Meyer bathed in sunshine & listening attentively to delegates below). How well did this go down with the conference organisers? The black & white shot says it all.

For the full story, read this wonderful blog by @Thoughtscapism about our recent adventures with @UNEP @Gen_Atomic @Ben_BNW @Energy4Humanity @COP23

Give Nuclear a #SeatAtTheTable…/give-nuclear-a-seat-at-the-ta…/

See a slideshow below of some key findings from our European Climate Leadership Report.

Listen to Rod Adams from Atomic Insights interview the group on his Atomic Show #260 – Pro-nuclear voices from COP23 in Bonn. Not a warm welcome.

Thanks to Klara Ingersoll for the wonderful documentary photos!

Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF17) Rejects World Nuclear Association Sponsorship

We were locked out of the conference, so we set up camp outside to dish out copies of our Climate Leadership Report and talk low carbon energy with delegates…

Iida Ruishalme (@ThoughtScapism) and Eric Meyer (Generation Atomic) distributing the EFH European Climate Leadership Report outside the Sustainable Innovation Forum
Climate leaders? Norway, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Finland, Belgium. Laggers? Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia, Greece, and on last place, Poland.
We brought our own table. Wolfgang Denk (standing), Taylor Stevenson, Kirsty Gogan, Ben Heard, Iida Ruishalme and Eric Meyer.