Nuclear Science Week Pub Night, The Thirsty Scholar, Saskatoon

Nuclear Science Week Pub Night
With Kirsty Gogan

Can we live in a 4000 reactor world? Sustainable energy and the power of public opinion

The Thirsty Scholar (upstairs room), 32-2105 Eighth Street East, Saskatoon

Tuesday 17th October, 2017

Come for a thought-provoking talk by Kirsty Gogan and stay for networking over a pint.

Thanks to Matthew Dalzell, Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for organising and making it happen!



Had some high quality climate & nuclear pub talk with smart & thoughtful people here in Saskatoon, at the Thirsty Scholar, for #nuclearsciweek “The only metric that matters for #cleanenergy is carbon intensity” @kirstygogan #nuclearsciweek #yxe


Some beautiful uranium glass, collected and displayed by Conrad Knauer.