Deep Decarbonization with Advanced Nuclear Seminar

Helsinki – 28th September 2017 –

The Ecomodernist Society of Finland , together with partners (Energy for Humanity) and sponsors, will host the first ever seminar discussing deep decarbonization with advanced nuclear in Finland.

In Finland, the electricity grid is already low in carbon, yet still emits over 10 tons of CO2 per person every year. Industrial processes, district and local space heating and transportation fuels are responsible for the majority of our emissions. Yet there is little talk about how to decarbonize these sectors.

One very promising technology is advanced, small nuclear reactors that are being developed with precisely these challenges in mind. They are ideal for many industrial heat applications, and can also be used to synthesize hydrogen at relatively affordable prices, which can then be used to synthesize transport fuels.

These technologies still face obstacles:

  • Many decision-makers, both in the political and energy-using industries, are still unaware of the possibilities these reactors offer.
  • The Regulators have been regulating large light-water reactors for decades. New designs require new regulation. What needs to be done?
  • The media, the public and the policy makers are often unaware of the potential of nuclear energy in mitigating climate change, and nuclear often has a largely undeserved bad reputation. People fear all things nuclear, even though it is our safest energy source.

The Ecomodernist Society of Finland sees it is high time to start discussing these technologies and how to best use them to decarbonize Finland efficiently and affordably. Hence, we organize our very first international Deep Decarbonization with Advanced Nuclear Seminar .

Our non-profit event is Sponsored by:

Preliminary program

Morning – Framing the climate and energy situation – why we need advanced nuclear? Speakers:

  • Moderator : Atte Harjanne, Climate Researcher & Municipal Politician (Green Party)
  • Kirsty Gogan , Director of Energy for Humanity (UK / Europe)
  • Ben Heard , an international environmentalist and director of Bright New World (Australia)
  • Jukka Leskelä , Director of Finnish Energy (Finland)
  • King Lee , Director of Harmony Program, World Nuclear Association (UK)
  • Rauli Partanen , Independent Author and Energy Analyst (Finland)

Noon – Advanced nuclear technologies and uses – The possibilities and opportunities of upcoming advanced nuclear technologies. Speakers:

  • Moderator: Eric Meyer , Director of Generation Atomic (US)
  • Ville Tulkki , VTT Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd.
  • Louis Plowden-Wardlaw , Terrestrial Energy (Canada)
  • Jeff Harper , X-energy (US)
  • Markus Alholm , GE Hitachi
  • Eric Ingersoll , Energy Options Network

Afternoon – What needs to be done to make Advanced Nuclear possible and feasible? – Regulation, Licensing, Finance, Politics. Speakers:

  • Moderator: Kirsty Gogan , Director of Energy for Humanity (UK / Europe)
  • Diarmuid Foley , Southgate group (Ireland)
  • Antti Rantakaulio , Head of SMR R & D Project, Fortum (Finland)
  • Liisa Heikinheimo , Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (Finland)
  • Ville Skinnari , Member of Parliament (Social Democrats, SDP)

Speakers and program are preliminary and may change. On the technology side, we will have some of the most interesting advanced nuclear developers in the world presenting their technology and its possibilities:

  • Terrestrial Energy with their IMSR, a High Temperature Molten Salt Reactor (Canada)
  • X-Energy with their Xe-100, Pebble-Bed High Temperature Reactor (US)
  • GE Hitachi with their PRISM, a breeder-reactor that can use spent nuclear fuel as its fuel


General Information
The event was held in Helsinki, is the 28 th September 2017.

The event is invite-only. If you are interested and would like to know more, send us an email at suomenekomodernistit (at)

About the Organizer
The Ecomodernist Society of Finland is the main Organizer of this event. We are a non-profit environmental organization that wants to promote evidence-based and humane energy, climate and environmental policies.

Watch the opening sessions from the event below: