The Economist Energy Summit 2016

Join us at the Energy Summit 2016 where the industry’s foremost business leaders, policy-makers, international investors, regulators, innovators and academics will gather for a series of hard hitting debates that will determine the future of energy.

Key topics for discussion include:

  • Can the world economy survive without fossil fuels?
  • Is a low-carbon energy system compatible with economic growth?
  • Are the viable alternatives to fossil fuels which would be at a low enough cost to convience consumers to switch from hydrocarbons?
  • How are oil and gas companies redefining their long-term strategy?
  • If COP21 accelerates the transition to renewables and electric vehicles, what are the implications for oil and gas company business models?

View the full programme here.

EFH Executive Director, Kirsty Gogan will join the panel:

Shifting the paradigm – how technology is innovating the energy industry

Technological innovation plays a critical function in the energy sector and is an imperative in the oil and gas industry, for renewables or energy storage. Emerging advances in technology are making energy cleaner, more plentiful, cheaper to store, easier to distribute and capable of being used more intelligently. And with the advent of Industry 4.0, there is a huge opportunity for digital technologies to continue to transform the energy industry, with no doubt that technology will help solve major energy issues. How are energy companies contributing to the development of intelligent, integrated and personalised services and smart infrastructure? How can the energy sector prepare for and collaborate with companies that disrupt existing business models? What’s really new, and where can the industry evolve existing technology or legacy? Discover the disruption technological innovation can bring to the industry.