Who Are We and What Do We Stand For?

We are not affiliated with any political party, nor any industrial or corporate enterprise.

We are global in the scope of our vision.

We are optimistic in our outlook and apolitical in our goals.

We support energy abundance, not energy scarcity.

We regard technological advancement, human development, and the protection of the natural world as complementary goals.

We see the rapid development and deployment of advanced nuclear energy technologies as a necessity in reducing global fossil fuel consumption, not as a choice among competing options.

We believe the abandonment of coal as a source of energy should be the #1 top priority of the environmental movement.

We support the gradual and responsible phase out of 1970’s era nuclear power plants over the next 20 years and their replacement with newer reactor designs.

We support public and private investments in energy R&D, including nuclear, energy storage, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.

We encourage the advancement of nuclear desalination technology as a means of increasing fresh water supplies around the world.

We support the creation of an international nuclear fuel bank to oversee and monitor the worlds nuclear fuel supply and to provide fuel reprocessing to any country that wishes to employ nuclear energy.

We support efforts to place a price on carbon.

We support the world-wide abolition of nuclear weapons and for the transmutation of the worlds stockpile of weapons grade plutonium through the use of fast reactors.

We support the creation of an international nuclear emergency management agency that is fully trained, equipped and authorized to respond immediately to any potential nuclear power emergency throughout the world.

We support research into the feasibility of retrofitting existing coal plants with advanced modular reactors.

We support international assistance to make clean energy investments affordable to developing countries.

We support research into other technological solutions to mitigate the production of greenhouse gases, including nuclear fusion, carbon sequestration and improvements in renewable energy technology.