Energy for Humanity is an international community of pro-nuclear environmental activists based in the UK and Switzerland.

Driven by a fierce love for our planet and a commitment to science, we’re united in our fight to solve the climate and ecological crisis and end global energy inequality.

Energy for Humanity was founded in 2014 on the historic realisation that the catastrophic consequences of climate change could not be stopped without nuclear energy. Following the release that year of the groundbreaking film Pandora’s Promise – which revealed how action on climate change was being held back by environmentalist’s opposition to nuclear power – our co-founders Robert Stone, Kirsty Gogan and Daniel Aegerter decided they had to act. 


As we got to work we started to run the numbers. We were shocked. Had the green movement of the 1970s onwards embraced nuclear energy rather than vowing to shut it down we could already be living in a low carbon world. The words ‘climate crisis’ might never have been heard. We realised our job was to make sure that misunderstandings about nuclear didn’t hold back climate action any longer. 

Six years on we’ve helped influence government policy, shift consciousness in the environmental movement and lead a new global movement in defence of nuclear. Whilst our movement remains pro-renewables (anything is better than fossil fuels!) we are realists and believe that 100% renewables is a dangerous myth that risks derailing true progress on reducing emissions. Our 2020-21 mission is to expand our focus on public engagement and build pro-nuclear momentum in the build up to COP26. 

We stand in solidarity with the youth strikers, the climate emergency movement and anti-oppression struggles worldwide. 

Read our founder’s story here.


Energy for Humanity is registered as a foundation in Switzerland under the umbrella organisation Fondation des Fondateurs. We are strictly independent and non-profit. We receive no funding from industry, governments or corporations and survive entirely off philanthropic donations. We act out of sincere conviction that a healthier, wilder and fairer future is possible. We invite you to join us.