Energy Disruptors United!

Really inspiring experience attending Energy Disruptors Unite 2019 in Calgary last week. Headliners included Malcolm Gladwell, Sir Ken Robinson and Michael Liebreich. I was lucky enough to get a main stage slot to bang the drum about nuclear as a necessary climate solution.🥁🥁🥁

Also standing in for hugely-missed Eric Meyer, director of Generation Atomic at the standing-room-only High Stakes of Nuclear Fear panel along with New Scientist writer Leigh Phillips, Bonita Chan, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, and moderated by our good friend Prof Jason Donev. Another real highlight was the standing-room-only Hydrogen panel, with awesome speakers including LucidCatalyst‘s Eric Ingersoll making the case for clean synthetic fuels for rapid, deep decarbonisation. Thanks and congratulations to the organising team Graeme Edge and Michelle Edge. And to Canon Bryan for making the recommendation.