In this 1997 photo, activists from groups including the American Lung Association and the Appalachian Mountain Club gathered outside the Salem power plant, seeking its closure.

NuScale White Paper on Upgrading America’s Energy System

One compelling proposition for small modular reactors (SMRs) is the potential to repurpose old coal plants. For communities, this means not only upgrading the plant with a more modern, less polluting and safer technology, but also saving – and even creating better – jobs.

NuScale is forging the path for commercialisation of small modular reactors. Linking this agenda to wider U.S. energy policy agenda makes sense. Communities where coal plants are retiring are suffering economic consequences and need a future-proof plan. Enabling the development of new skills, attracting new investment and capitalising on existing infrastructure seems like a smart strategy. NuScale set out why this makes sense in a new White Paper: Upgrading America’s Energy System.

“Revitalizing our electricity generation infrastructure presents an opportunity to upgrade America’s energy system. It is time to turn to advanced energy sources that will provide economical, reliable, and abundant energy and cleaner air for the next 60 years. Repurposing retiring coal plant sites with small modular reactors (SMRs) can provide cost-competitive and secure electricity, foster economic development, and create more and higher-paying jobs.”

Read the White Paper here.