Robert Stone and the journey with Pandora’s Promise

Award winning Pandora’s Promise director Robert Stone held a keynote speech at this year’s annual Thorium Energy Alliance Conference in Palo Alto early June. Watch Robert talking about his experiences of the 18 months Pandora’s Promise world tour.

He strikingly explains how and why Pandora’s Promise became so effective to reinitiate the debate about nuclear energy.

The key points are:
– Values Alignment – nuclear energy as a tool to achieve a shared objective
– Power of Story – the conversion narrative
– Not “you’re wrong” but “we’ve been misled”
– Independence – no industry financing the film
– Street credibility – personal history and the history of the film’s protagonists

The award winning documentary lets you understand why Stewart Brand turned the traditional environmentalists anti-nuclear mantra into the opposite by quoting:

“How can you be an environmentalist and not be pro-nuclear?”

– Stewart Brand


Credits go to Gordon McDowell who produced the video.