Making Sense of Nuclear

We are environmentalists who have changed our minds about nuclear energy. Here are some of our reasons why nuclear makes environmental sense (and is less scary than we used to think).


Fact File: The Climate Challenge

Which three thing actions have made the most difference to cutting carbon emissions? The answer may surprise you.




Fact File: Carbon Footprint

All electricity generation technologies emit greenhouse gases at some point in their life cycle and therefore have a carbon footprint. How does nuclear compare?



Physical Footprint

Fact File: Physical Footprint

Preserving open spaces is key to healthy ecosystems. So how much land do different energy technologies take up?




Fact File: Power Density

When it comes to how much power is packed in, nuclear is small but mighty.



Cost of electricity

Fact File: Cost

Is nuclear too expensive to be a viable climate change solution?



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Fact File: Safety

Contrary to popular belief, nuclear is actually one of the safest energy technologies. Find out why coal is the real killer.


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Fact File: Waste

Nuclear waste is not nearly so big of a problem as many of us have been led to believe. Volumetrically speaking, there is surprisingly little of it.