Will nuclear simply take too long to build to have a positive impact on climate change?


France now produces 80% of its electricity from nuclear energy. It has the cheapest electrical rates in Europe, the cleanest air in the industrialized world, and per-capita CO2 emissions that are half that of neighboring Germany despite that country’s long-standing commitment to develop a robust green energy sector. The good news is that France was able to almost fully decarbonize its electric grid in just 20 years. They did so by using standardized designs and the mass production of components. Today, they are a global leader in the field of nuclear energy.

China currently has over two dozen large-scale nuclear power plants under construction and they have another 100 planned to be on line by 2030. India too is making a big push to increase its nuclear capacity. This should be welcome news to anyone concerned about climate change, and it proves that scalability is not the problem. It simply requires the political will to do so.