Almost 7 years ago we started Energy for Humanity with the aim of continuing the momentum begun with the release of the award-winning documentary “Pandora’s Promise”…

Nuclear power is very low carbon and one of the safest energy sources ever. But what about the waste?

Meet the world’s first nuclear influencer.

Despite record growth in renewables, the vast majority of the world’s power still comes from fossil fuels, says landmark report. …

Sense about Sizewell... good news at last?

The BBC reported this weekend that the long awaited Sizewell C nuclear power station in Suffolk is set to get …

Nuclear power’s full life cycle carbon emissions are considerably lower than those of solar.

Experts say nuclear power is one of our safest sources of energy and has saved millions of lives.

Help coal-dependent countries switch to nuclear, ministers tell EU

Why deny Poland, Czech Republic and all Member States the opportunity to replace the base-load capacity provided by coal with zero-emissions reliable generation at a cost that is affordable for their citizens and economies?

We need more of our climate solutions to be Impossible™ burgers

We can’t rely on behaviour change to stop climate change, argue Eric Ingersoll and Kirsty Gogan





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